Working with children

Working with Children


Therapy for Children

There are many reasons why children might need therapy and many reasons why they are often scared at the prospect of having to talk with a stranger about something they often don’t understand themselves.  The most important thing is to ensure that whoever I am working with feels relaxed and comfortable and I have found that using concepts from particular films, drawing, colouring and even playing games or making hand puppets will really help your child to enjoy their therapy session.


The First Session

Initially, I meet with the parent/carer to establish what the problem is from their perspective, the child’s social and cultural background, and any other influencing factors.  At this stage, I discuss the role of the parent/carer during the therapy process, and how they can best support their child. In some cases, parents/carers have found it helpful to have therapy themselves.


The First Session with your Child

During the first working session with your child, I will encourage them to feel relaxed and at ease through play and art therapy.  I like to find out your child’s interests and hobbies, including the types of films, books and games they enjoy and will attempt to include aspects of these into their therapy.  In this way, each therapy session is unique to your child.  I will help children to understand how and why  BWRT® works and how it might help them to feel better. I also ensure that they know exactly what each session will include prior to the session; in this way there are no surprises! The majority of children respond extremely well to  BWRT® and the results are often remarkable.  This therapy has been used to help with issues such as anxiety, anger management, fears & phobias, school related anxieties, gaming addiction, trauma and many other issues of a primarily psychological nature.

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