BWRT® which stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy – a modern psychology method which gets rapid and efficient results (please see BWRT® page in this website). It is based on the latest developments in neuroscience and at times it requires just one session.  Suitable for all ages and most mind related issues. 



WSN = Warrior Settler Nomad. Discover who you are and what you can be. Learn how to access your inner personalities. Most of us use only one and thus don’t fulfill our potential. Find out who your warrior, settler and nomad are and to call on them whenever you need. If you know yourself – and, equally important, if you understand other people – you can more confidently and more efficiently deal with life issues and relationships knowing just where you are coming from. Many of us have been conditioned throughout life to act in a certain way and thus possibly repress certain aspects of our true selves. WSN will help you to reconnect with your authentic self. Suitable for all ages (once able to use imagination and understand characters. I am not giving a set age as children reach this stage at different ages).

BWRT® Transformational Coaching for all personal and business goals, plus weight loss. A highly effective programme for goal achievement and personal improvement. This amazing coaching programme will help you achieve your goals whilst removing any inner blocks you have standing in your way. You will be able to create and embrace change without any fear of change. You will learn to access your inner warrior for the assertiveness required for any goal to be achieved, through a structured programme of coaching using the principles of MAGIC – motivation, allocation, generation, implementation and cooperation.

Reiki. A relaxing healing technique channeling universal energy which enables your body to heal itself more efficiently. Works well alongside othodox medical treatments. Suitable for all ages.

Inner child work through art. Learn to connect back to your inner self and inner child and to honour them.